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Success Key that Larry Raskin Uses

If you’ve never heard of Larry Raskin – he’s on of the top people over at ACN. You really don’t need to know all the details of his life story, but you should know that he’s one of the best marketers out there. On top of that, I challenge you to find a better speaker! His energy on the stage is unrivaled.

So…what are the keys to Larry’s success? How does he manage to inspire all those people? And what can you take away from Larry in the form of great lessons?

I could give you bunch of fluff here, but I’d rather give you solid information so you can put it to work in your business right away. But I wouldn’t want to waste your time. After all, you could be doing anything else other than reading this. So here we go….

Larry Raskin and the 5 keys to your success

Success Key 1 – No More Complaining

That’s right my friend. Oh yes – this sounds really harsh – but collectively; us network marketers have to pull it together and stay strong. Complaining doesn’t make you successful or make you money.

Success Key 2 – Be Proud That You’re In This Industry

This is an odd one for most. But most people in network marketing don’t want to actually admit that they’re in network marketing. Carry your opportunity with pride and the industry with pride.

Success Key 3 – Accept That Times Will Be Tough

Here’s one of Larry’s amazing quotes. “Who would ever want to follow someone that’s always had the silver spoon in their mouth?” Stop and reflect on that for a couple of seconds. No one wants to work with someone who’s always had it down perfect. Because your prospects too will face challenges; and you better be the one to have some advice for them…

Success Key 4 – Knowing What You Are Worth

Getting paid $100,000 a month doesn’t happen for people that think they are only worth $2,000 a month. You have to determine what you’re time and energy are worth and then implement a plan to achieve your desired level of income.

Success key 5 – Get Educated

Yes I know what you might be think “where have I heard this one before?” But you simply have to educate yourself on the industry. There a literally thousands of resources out there. I like Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard because of it’s direct approach to effectively sponsoring reps into your business. I feel it’s one of the best starting points.

So…You might think these 5 keys are dead simple, and maybe even over-generalized but you’d be amazed that most people simply overlook them everyday. But it’s the simplest of systems that make people wealthy. “Stay at home mom makes it big,” “Janitor makes 6 figures a month,” and on and on and on…. You hear these success stories all the time – but haven’t you ever wondered how people like this achieve such great success?

The answer is simple…

They understand the same 5 keys that Larry Raskin does. It’s really not that difficult. You just have to accept them; and implement them.

To your massive success!